business coaching

Grow Your Business Bigger Than Ever Before.

7 Figures Is Attainable. You Just Need A Plan.

Who helps you grow your business? What’s working — and more importantly, what isn’t working? Sometimes we don’t know what door to choose — where we need to go next or what to prioritize first. And everyone has an opinion (and an agenda).

How do you effectively move forward with a plan, confidence and enthusiasm? That's where I come in.

First . . .

Let’s figure out what’s stopping you from greatness. We’ll target and emphasize your strengths to accelerate your personal and business growth — it’s the only way forward.

Second . . .

Improve your client/customer base (my proven CARE™ Method):

  • Capture: Go after high-potential prospects. Where they live. What they do. the ones who need and can easily afford your products and services.
  • Acquire: Pursue, attract, and acquire them. Get them to break down your door for business.
  • Retain: Keep your clients for the long haul and develop strategies to keep them interested.
  • Expand: Develop and sell additional products and services to them.

Third . . .

We’ll create certainty with your branding and ideal customer messaging. Make sure it resonates with your BEST customers.

Fourth . . .

We’ll learn how to create a flow of programs and products to maximize your revenue potential.

Rich helped us get through a potentially difficult transition period at our firm during employee turnover. Drawing upon his valuable experience, he acted as a trusted adviser to keep me focused on moving forward in the most positive and manner possible. His optimism was truly contagious!” – Vincent Siefert, President

“Rich asked the hard questions. He is the first coach I have met that assumed I knew how to be focused and organized. Rich got down to the roadblocks and the difficult issues – what a “no nonsense” executive coach. His personable style immediately put me at ease and we got so much accomplished. The best part is: weeks after one of our sessions, something he said will come back to me and I know I’m ready to act on it with the tools he gave me.” – Betty Jean Flagg, President

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t draw on some of the expertise that Super-coach Rich Gee has shared with me over the past five years. I set goals, get rid of the excuses, make things happen, and get much more accomplished that I ever expected. If you are seriously willing to make successful changes in how you operate your business, your schedule, your goal setting and aspirations, then have that one conversation with Rich. It will change your life. The real question is are you ready for it? — Dawn Reshen-Doty, CEO