“I want you to reach as high as you can. Now I want you to reach one inch higher. That’s coaching.”

I'm the Founder & CEO of The Rich Gee Group a premier high-performance coaching firm, and a former corporate leader in marketing, sales, and product management. I've spent a lot of time walking in your shoes.

I'm a seasoned business coach (12 years) and sought-after speaker who has presented to packed audiences around the world, to organizations such as Dell, Gartner, The Hartford, Verizon, and Morgan Stanley.

I've appeared in hundreds of leading publications (including Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Newsday, Forbes, etc.) and on national TV and radio (including The Today Show and John Tesh Radio). I've also been a syndicated columnist for Hearst publications writing a weekly national column called "Ask Rich Gee".

The Rich Gee Group offers a wide range of coaching programs and workshops designed to help you break through to the highest level of success.

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