Big event? Hit a home run and make it special and powerful for every attendee.


Ready to accelerate your growth? Get more clients and deliver killer results.


You need a trusted partner to help you navigate the complexity of corporate life.


Need someone to inspire? Energize your team to deliver new thinking.

Rich Gee is the most incredible and astute business coach I’ve ever worked with. I can’t recommend him highly enough. As my Business Coach, he has been life changing for my business! Working with Rich has been the best investment I have ever made. He gets results!

Margo Meeker, LCSW – Psychotherapist

Rich Gee is a great coach and speaker. He is dynamic, funny, and in complete control of a room. He knows how to pump up the audience. I have seen him in front of undergraduate college students, evening MBA students and professionals. The results are always extremely positive.

Henry Greene, Ph.D. – Professor Of Marketing

You have a great approach for helping individuals rise above the daily challenges and frustrations – especially during a career transition, which is always fraught with a degree of fear, uncertainty and doubt – in order to focus on what’s important in order to move forward.

Kate Mitchell Pallandre – CEO


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