Learn how to build gratitude into your business every day. Rich & BJ show you how to be authentic, keep it short (but powerful) and teach your team to do it too!


Tip #1 – Express your gratitude your way. Authenticity. From the heart. Customers, Vendors, Employees, and Bosses.
Tip #2 –Don’t make it complex. Make it easy to do, quick, and effective. Do it in the moment.
Tip #3 –Expect nothing in return. Think ahead about your events that you are having and how can you express your thanks and appreciation.
Tip #4 –Teach your team to do it too. Show them how gratitude makes the customers feel and how it makes them feel. It empowers your team.


  1. Start a gratitude list: Who should you touch this week? This month?
  2. Look at your present marketing. Do you need to infuse your message with some appreciation?


The Business of Gratitude: Abundance Through Gratitude and the Handwritten Thank You Note 

By Steven A. Littlefield