Find yourself thinking small? Too afraid to think big?

Think Big: Take chances.
Think Small: Take no chances.

Think Big: Meet New People, Target important contacts, Touch Movers & Shakers
Think Small: Stay within your current group of contacts and colleagues.

Think Big: Spend money, Invest in your business, Grow your career.
Think Small: Don’t spend money, hunker down and wait for the issues to go away.

Think Big: Speak in front of people, Go after bigger and bigger groups, Attract influentials.
Think Small: Keep your ideas to yourself, Think of writing a book, Never complete it.

Think Big: Take on more than you can chew, Push yourself, Reach higher (and higher).
Think Small: Keep things in context, Don’t push yourself, Stay within your box.

Think Big: Inspire people, Get their attention, Be a BILLBOARD.
Think Small: Do the same things and expect a different outcome.

Think Big: Challenge yourself, Change the game, Make It HAPPEN.
Think Small: Be content.

Think Big: Consult with experts, Ask questions, Challenge the status quo.
Think Small: You know enough.

Think Big: GROW.
Think Small: SHRINK.

It’s that simple.