Trouble Strikes When You Get Comfortable.

To be successful in business  — you need to keep this […]

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Many of my […]

Podcast: The Art of Positivity.

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You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Services.

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Be A Time Management GOD.

I've been asking clients, colleagues, and friends what time management tips they use to make them get more done in the limited amount of time we all have. What I've heard is a mix of managing your time and procrastination.

Be Silly Today.

 “None of us are getting out of here alive, so […]

3 Ways To Make This Monday Rock.

I have this problem. When I wake up Monday morning (around 4:15 […]

Every Weekend Is A 3-Day Weekend!

One of my favorite authors is Tim Ferriss, who wrote […]

Massive Procrastination — When You Absolutely Don’t Want To Do Something.

For years many of my clients have struggled to sit down and […]

Why We Work — A Labor Day Message.

What is Labor Day? On Wikipedia, it’s a day to honor the contributions […]