How Successful Leaders Stay Successful.

The secret prescription to success is no longer a secret.

How To Survive In A High Performance Workplace.

Been there, done that. Because of the economy and marketplace, many seemingly normal environments are slowly turning into ‘high-performance’ workplaces (HPW). In addition, if you are working at a startup or within a certain industry (PR, Advertising, Tech, etc.), you might encounter this situation all the time. Here are some tips to help you understand, cope, and succeed in your career:

How To Better Control Your Time.

Time is the one thing you can never get back. So you need to be careful with it, don’t waste it, don’t hurry through it, and use it effectively.

You need to CONTROL your time.

How do you do that? It’s easy and it’s hard — here are some tips: […]

How You Easily Deceive Yourself.

How do we deceive ourselves?

Stupid Things People Do At The Office – You’re Always Late.

I know you're busy. We all are. Does it seem that you never get ahead of the curve? That you are always late for almost every meeting, appointment and even getting to work?

Stupid Things People Do At The Office – Take Work Home Over The Weekend.

Friday just flew by. And now you packed up your briefcase with folders and ran out the door at 7 PM. You're planning to do some work this weekend to catch up before Monday rolls around and you're behind the eight ball.

How To Be Successful Every Day.

It's Monday! Time to hit work after a wonderful weekend . . . check your email . . . get ready for all those wonderful meetings . . . and make sure you schedule for all the work coming down the pike this week. Whoops! Forgot to tell you something . . . Most executives tend to forget that their job isn't supposed to crank out work (okay - that's part of your job - but just follow my thinking for a bit).

Reorganize Yourself.

Take part of today and devote two hours to reorganizing yourself. Take a fresh look at how you are organized and look for opportunities to improve. You will probably discover several areas where you can eliminate some personal time wasters simply by becoming a little better organized.

Made The WSJ Again!

Sue Shellenbarger from the Wall Street Journal called me a few weeks ago.

The Best Time Management Tool I Recommend To My Clients.

Time is a precious commodity at work — unfortunately, most time management systems take more time to use than they save. Except for one. And it's free!