Podcast: Hawking Yourself — Sell Yourself Without Feeling Like It’s Begging

So many businesspeople shy away from promoting their business because […]

Developing The CEO Within You.

You’re moving on up.
Making your way up the ladder, dodging […]

10 Tips For More Successful Presentations.

Yesterday, I presented in front of a Fortune 50 organization and […]

How To ‘Cultivate’ New Clients.

Everyone needs new business to survive and thrive. The natural order of most businesses: Clients leave. They defect. They go out of business. They suddenly have no money. This is normal.

Go After Your Best Prospects First.

In business, many of us start out the year targeting hundreds of companies and usually by the last few months of the year, we're scrambling. When the prize is too large, we tend to get discouraged by it's size — too much complexity, too many moving parts, too gargantuan to handle all at once. It's because our vision is in IMAX and it really needs to be like a microscope.

How To Sell Anyone Anything.

Provocative title, isn't it? In all of my 20+ years in corporate marketing, advertising, sales, product management, and training, I found that there is one overarching rule that virtually guarantees a positive response and sale from any prospect — STRUCTURE. I know — there are some salespeople who like everything to be loose, open, and flowing during the sales call. Totally understand.

RUN OUT and Get This Book Today.

I LOVE Michael Port. Okay, I've never met the guy, but I do love his book. When I run into a good business book (and there are a lot of stinkers out there), I promote it. The man is a genius. He not only develops and publishes the bible on "Book Yourself Solid", in it, he links to a workbook which is a very powerful way for one to really LEARN his techniques.

5 Ways To Guarantee A Great Job In Sales.

I have a lot of friends who lost their job and quickly took up with a company that positioned them as an account executive. Unfortunately, when they were 'trained' and 'graduated', they found that it's a cold and cruel world out there. With the exception of their family and friends, they had to cold call all types of people to hawk their wares.