Top Posts for April 2012.

My most-read posts for April - come see!

Presentations: Longer is Sometimes Not Better.

I had to deliver a keynote to a large group of business owners the other day. I was asked to compose a quick 6-8 minute talk — and if you know me, it’s a VERY short time to talk.

I used iWork Keynote with an LCD projector (all set up well ahead of time) — I felt each slide would add impact (see presentation here). As you can see — no bullets, bold statements — get in and get out.

As the meeting wore on, I realized we were running out of time. To add insult to injury, […]

Deliver Life-Changing Presentations Every Time.

What would happen to your career if you gave life-changing presentations?

The Secret For Presentation Success Every Time.

When was the last time you went to a good presentation?

How To Deliver Incredible PowerPoint Presentations.

There are so many bad ways to use PowerPoint (or Keynote if you own a Mac) when you deliver a presentation. Again, let's cut to the chase — here are my 5 Must Do's when it comes to delivering a presentation.

How To Make Incredible PowerPoint Presentations.

There are books and workshops and creative consultants that expound on the RIGHT way to use Powerpoint (or Keynote if you own a Mac). Let's cut to the chase — here are my 5 Must Do's when it comes to a presentation:

How To Overcome Your Speaking Jitters.

I present all over the world and I’ve been speaking since 1987. In college, I took a communications course which made me stand up and give presentations each week to the class.

How To Get Clients.

I've been busy the last few weeks. In addition to coaching a full practice of clients, my action team meetings started this week (say goodbye to Monday nights). So the production end of my business is 'full-steam ahead'.