Don’t Have A Job? It’s YOUR Fault.

I’m not pulling any punches here.

Why? Because I think most […]

2015 – Essential Tips For The Year Ahead.

Everyone is afraid of 2012.

Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting A Job.

As a business and career coach, I run into so […]

Looking For Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

"When it is dark enough, you can see stars." Received this in a fortune cookie Friday night at our favorite asian restaurant in downtown New Haven (date night with my beautiful wife, Silvia). After a small amount of research, I found it's attributed to Charles Beard, one of the most influential American historians of the 20th century.

How To Play To Your Team’s Strengths.

Take a moment and reflect about the each person on your team and the skills and strengths they exhibit. Where do they excel? What do they like doing?

Facebook Postings Close Doors For Job Candidates.

More employers than ever are researching job candidates on sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter in order to find out more about their activities and character. And, it turns out, many candidates are doing a great job of showing their potential bosses poor communication skills, inappropriate pictures, and even how many workplace secrets they can leak.

The Future CIO – Are You Prepared?

CIOs are under more pressure than ever. The job is incredibly challenging. Despite recent arguments to the contrary, we believe information technology is at the heart of corporate strategy. IT must deliver more systems faster and operate them in a fail-safe environment. Being successful as a CIO requires an unusual combination of technical know-how, business acumen, and organizational leadership skills. It's a job with a sometimes short life cycle, and it takes a seemingly superhuman to do it effectively.

5 Stages of Grief When Looking For A Job.

Here’s a fun list that I saw on Madatoms:

I’ve got […]

I Cried Last Night And Learned A Powerful Lesson.

I saw one of the most touching and inspiring movies […]

Who’s Got Your Back?

Keith Ferrazzi's new book, "Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success - and Won't Let You Fail" flips the idea of a self-help book on its head.