When Things Aren’t Working – Do The Opposite.

There’s a famous Seinfeld episode where George is at a […]

New Job Success Or Failure: Your First Day.

Here are key quick tips I give to all of my clients prior to their first day on the job.

The Number One Way People Get Derailed.

It happened to you again. It’s happened to me. It’s happened to all of us at one time or another.

We blame other people, circumstances, luck, your parents, your family, and ultimately the finger always points back at YOU.

Only you can change your situation. But we sometimes are afraid of what might happen. We start making up elaborate stories about what ‘will’ happen. We get caught up with a lack of inspiration, confidence, focus, energy, and my favorite persistence. How don’t you get derailed?  […]

Are You Paralyzed At Work?

During my coaching sessions, I run into a lot of "Fear of Failure" discussions. People who are paralyzed because they feel if they take action (any action), they will fail and the world will come crashing down upon them.

How To Deal With Pessimists & Obstructionists.

Ever read something that so truly resonates with your soul? Something that clearly explains all the obstacles you had at work? Something clearly defining and segmenting out those people that waste your time? I did. This past weekend, I caught up with some reading that I've been putting off lately.

When The Worst Thing You Can Imagine Happens.

Yesterday, I wrote about fear. Sometimes our fear of the worst that can happen paralyzes us. We don't move. We do nothing. Here's the reality — the worst almost never happens. Maybe 1 time in 100 or 1000. But we act and react as it it's right around the corner. We act as if it's a certainty.

Are You Throwing Happiness Out The Window?

Lately, a lot of people feel 'stuck' in their life. Why? - Because of their past decisions leading up to the present. - Because of the possibility of jumping into another terrible position. - Because of the economy.

What Are You Afraid Of . . . Failure Or Success?

At some time in our careers, we self-sabotage. We know we need to do 'A' to move forward, but somehow we find ourselves doing 'B'. And 'B' isn't as good as 'A'. In fact, 'B' might make us take a number of steps backwards. But we do it anyway. Why? Fear of Failure and/or Fear of Success.