What’s Holding You Back? You Are.

I start all workshops and coaching relationships with the discussion […]

Perfectionism — The Killer Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs.

"One of this biggest things that can kill a persons hopes and dreams is being a perfectionist. It’s that little voice in your head saying that you are not good enough… that the product is not good enough to ship, that the book is not good enough to finish, that you are not good enough for the promotion, and many more."

The Monster Inside Of YOU.

"We stopped checking for monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside of us."

“It was a very good year . . .”

It's a waste of a good year not to review your highs, your successes — your home runs:

Change Your Life With A Cookie.

“You don’t become a failure until you’re satisfied with being one.”

A fortune cookie — I found this in a darn fortune cookie!

How serendipitous life is — when you least expect it — the universe opens a door to enlightenment.

So what does this mean? […]

Failure: How You Deceive Yourself Everyday.

Wonder why you don't get certain things accomplished? Why you hit the same obstacles every time?

Are You Frustrated? Good!

Work breeds frustration. It's a fact. You get frustrated when people or things knock you off balance, where you're out of control. It could be a late project, or a recalcitrant associate, or a vendor who never gets back to you.

Are You Paralyzed At Work?

During my coaching sessions, I run into a lot of "Fear of Failure" discussions. People who are paralyzed because they feel if they take action (any action), they will fail and the world will come crashing down upon them.

“If You Have Fear, You Will Fall.”

If you know me, I'm constantly out in the electronic zeitgeist learning new things and meeting new people. This morning, I came upon Human Planet, an incredible BBC documentary on a man called Tete (who makes Chuck Norris look like a schoolgirl). He climbs a very tall tree (120-150 feet in the air) with just a vine and his willpower. Why? To break into a bee hive to get honey for his family. By the way, he probably gets stung scores of times during the process.

How To Pick Yourself Up After You Fail.

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Nelson Mandela