How To Be A High-Performing Person.

“If you’re not continually reinventing yourself, your company,
or your […]

Stupid Things People Do . . . Your Email.

Who loves their email? Lovin' those 150-200 emails you receive each day? I expect your answer to be no. But why do we put so much emphasis on it then? Why do we check it whenever we get a spare moment?

Why Your Email Is Holding You Back.

I spent the better part of this morning entering in a bevy of business cards into my database so every person I meet can receive my eBlast and other services from me. Candidly, it's not fun. In fact it sucks. But I break it up into manageable piles and quickly do it. I should purchase a business card scanner — but the idea of shelling out $250-$300 for one just makes my blood boil. Until they hit $99 (a reasonable price), I will continue to enter them myself.

10 Tricks To Get Control Of Your Email.

I say email is dying! New generations are moving towards texting to communicate — I welcome that improvement!

What Would Happen If You Disconnected From Email?

Take a trip with me.

You have your smartphone and you unlink your email settings from your email server, making it impossible to receive email on your smartphone. You could probably still access your email via the browser on your smartphone — but that is so time-consuming, you’d rather not.

Your last email to your team, clients, and colleagues is to let them know you will be checking email at regular intervals during the day while you are at the office and if there is an actual emergency, to call you on your smartphone. But for all intents and purposes, you are not reading or responding to emails when you’re not in the office.

What would happen? […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

I really didn’t mean that.

To be honest, to be successful, one needs certain things to happen:

You have to hustle. Move faster than your competition and get things done. Take action.
You have to be smart. Not only intelligence, but knowledge and street smarts.
You have to be lucky. Sometimes it comes from nowhere, but most of the time it presents itself from opportunities you developed.

But there are times when you need to be nimble, agile, and frankly, work smarter. How? Here goes: […]

How To Stop Working So Late – Part Two.

Simple tips to leave work ON TIME.

Why You Hate AND Love Your Email.

Who loves their email? Lovin’ those 150-200 emails you receive each day? I expect your answer to be “NO”. But why do we put so much emphasis on it then? Why do we check it whenever we get a spare moment?

How To Be More Effective On The Job.

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker Even on the job, one is forced to comply to look busy, to fit as much 'stuff' into a workday as possible, to outshine your peers, and fly through your duties.

5 Ways To Kill Email.

Email sucks. It's a terrible communication platform (no live, two-way communication), messages are sometimes understood the wrong way, they get lost, you turn around and there are 50 new emails in your inbox, and deciding what to do (open, read, file, trash) is a frustrating process. If you're old like me (I'm 48), you probably remember the old Inbox on your desk where you received actual paper memos. Harkening back to those old times, we only received/wrote 2-3 (no more than five) memos a day. Most business was done face to face or over the phone (where real, live, two-way communication happens).