5 Powerful Lessons From My Vacation.

I took 10 days off over the past week for a much needed vacation for me and my family. We made our way down to Maryland’s eastern shore (to a family farm) and then made our way to visit Washington DC.

Even though I was relaxing, I had a lot of time during our travels to think about what I learned during my vacation: […]

The Power of Connecting With People.

Ever want to meet someone famous?

Why Lunches Are Good For Your Career.

I want you to make a change today. Take just one of the 10-12 hours spent at work and GO TO LUNCH. Not at your desk. Not in your cafeteria. Not with anyone you currently work with. Have lunch with someone new.

How To Become Unfireable – Part Seven: Be A Billboard.

Grow from knowing a lot of people into a person a lot of people KNOW ABOUT.

How To Become Unfireable – Part Six: It’s Who You Know.

Most people don’t like to ‘network’. Well then . . . don’t. Connect.

“What would you think if I sang out of tune?”

Yesterday was a powerful day for me. Thursday is my networking day and I met over 100 people starting at 6:00 AM all the way to 8:00 PM. A long day. But I was energized when I got home.

Top 10 Best Business Rules.

Over the past 10 years of coaching (and 20 years in corporate management), a lot of key knowledge, information, and ideas pass over my desk. Candidly, most of it is a blur. But there are some ideas, certain quotes, and golden rules that tend to stay true and strong in my professional life (and my coaching). So I thought I would write them down and make a list to start off the week:

Serendipity With The Apple Store.

Something wonderful happened to me yesterday. Well, let me start from the beginning — I wanted to get the new iPad. Badly.

How To Become Genuinely Interested In People.

I know . . . you hate small talk. To a certain extent, everyone does. If you’re asked to attend a lunch or dinner, you think, “Shoot me now - I hate all the fake conversation”.

Are You A Super-Connector?

Keith Ferrazzi uses a term in his book, Never Eat Alone, called the 'Super Connector'. His definition (paraphrased from his book & site): "Super Connectors are people who maintain contact with thousands of people in many different worlds and know them well enough to give them a call. Restauranteurs, headhunters, lobbyists, fundraisers, public relations people, politicians, and journalists are the best super-connectors because it's their job to know EVERYONE."