How To Lose Your Fear.

Once in awhile, I bump into something that is so simple, yet effective, I just need to talk about it. Rejection Therapy might be your answer. It's a card game. Yes . . . a card game.

What’s Missing From Your Thanksgiving Table This Year?

Sweet Potatoes? Peas? Squash? Corn? No. Is it a loved one who passed away this year? Is it a family member who is serving our country overseas? Let's all take a moment and express our love and gratitude for all the people in our lives. But today, I would like to go a little deeper — what's missing from your INNER Thanksgiving table this year?

10 Ways To Guarantee Clients.

Okay — let's get down and dirty with this post. You want clients, you know they're out there, and it's just a matter of getting them to see you and closing them effectively. Here are 10 ways you can get A LOT closer to some of your best clients, pull them in, and make them YOURS:

Do You Have The Girlfriend Effect?

What's the Girlfriend Effect? Remember in high school, if a boy didn't have a girlfriend, it was pretty darn near impossible for him to attract one? But if the boy did have a girlfriend, all her friends seemed to flock over to him and be instantly interested in him?

Do One Thing Today That Scares You.

Do one thing today you've been procrastinating on that scares you. Anything. Why?

Five Reasons Why Leaders Fail (& Why Failures Lead).

It's hard to be a leader in today's economy. Add that you need equal parts of courage, vision, empathy, and reality (Peter Koestenbaum's Leadership Diamond) AND get your work done, it's almost impossible. I've reduced my list of hundreds down to five reasons.

Why Most Executives Experience A “Crisis of Confidence”.

Many of my clients have been struggling with what I call a "crisis of confidence" — where their inner guide and strong self-esteem are taking big hits during this downturn in the economy.

The Kinds of Employees You Want to Hire.

Those who are innately confident and self-directed routinely outperform co-workers, regardless of their backgrounds.