10 Tips To Recover After A Crisis.

When life knocks us for a loop, we tend to roll with the punch and stay down. If you know boxing, you only have 10 seconds to get back up before the fight is over. That means you need to get back up ASAP and realize there will be light at the end of the tunnel and wallowing in our own misfortune will not get us there.

Your Communication Skills Stink – Part Two.

Last week, I covered why communication is so important to business. Speaking with your clients, team, peers and boss are all critical to your success and are usually the nexus of problems when things go awry. See Part One here.

If you break down the structure of communication, it really is the transmission of information. You say something, I respond. I say something, you respond.

It’s a ‘Give & Take’ relationship, but sometimes the signal lines can be bad. The wires are compromised. Emotions get in the way. […]

Are You An Egomaniac?

Are you late all the time? What causes that? Are you a perfectionist. an idiot savant or an egomaniac? Let's find out.

Control Your Time By Designing Your Schedule.

I thought my schedule was packed when I worked in corporate. Filling in my days with status meetings, presentations, sales calls, and updates all mixed together to produce a week chock full of weaving, diving, and running. Now that I've been running my company for the past ten years, I've found it even harder to keep my schedule clear and organized to ensure I get everything done AND allow myself the time to work on my business.

Why Bad Things Happen When We Least Expect It.

For many years, I felt bad things just happen in our lives. I'm not talking about a sudden death in the family, or a severe illness. That's truly unfortunate. I'm talking about a bad boss, a missed job offer, or a client who got away at the last minute. These are situations thrust into our lives to not only teach us to appreciate the good times, but to also clearly understand something better is probably around the corner.

How To ‘Cultivate’ New Clients.

Everyone needs new business to survive and thrive. The natural order of most businesses: Clients leave. They defect. They go out of business. They suddenly have no money. This is normal.

Add More Torque To Your Organization.

What’s torque? It’s a measure of the turning force on an object such as the pushing or pulling of a wrench handle connected to a nut or bolt. It produces a torque (turning force) that loosens or tightens the bolt.

Why I Love Starbucks.

It's the typical hype cycle. A new product or service is introduced. It grows exponentially to take over an industry. Everyone loves it. Accordingly, they all can't stop talking about it. It goes viral and the media picks up on it. It gets bigger. Then people find that it will not solve ALL their problems. They begin to talk it down because it's 'in' to talk it down. The media picks up on it again, whips around 180° and begins to tear it down. Then at some point, it all levels/evens out. Starbucks is at this point now — they rode the hype roller coaster over the past number of years. But I still love them. Why?

Do You Deliver Good Or Bad Customer Service?

Two things happened to me during the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve that clearly defined what I call Good & Bad Customer Service.