You Are The Center Of Our Universe.

“I have worked with Rich for 2 decades. We had a need to focus an international team of talented engineers on the next phase of a complex project and Rich was the right person to host a unifying, instructional and motivating session to achieve purpose and direction. Rich listened, prepared well and worked with our people perfectly. Thanks, Rich!” — Tony Buxton, CEO, Tactician Corporation

"My experience working with Rich was phenomenal! First, Rich is one of the most positive and upbeat influences you'll have in your life while working with him. He's absolutely and relentlessly about using positive motivational techniques and for me, that was important. But equally important, he comes to each meeting prepared with ideas and topics to keep you focused on your own agenda and propel you forward. I found him to be able to push me when he needed to without being confrontational and pull me forward when he needed to by being motivational and setting short/long term goals to achieve. He's terrific at relating real world examples and ideas to your own situation and I found him to be incredibly creative with bringing ideas or new paths that I'd not thought of myself. He's got a fantastic grasp of what motivates and focuses people across multiple personalities, stages of career and business models. I loved my time with Rich and wouldn't hesitate to recommend or to work with him directly again in the future." — Jill Maier, CEO

“Rich — Thanks for your excellent coaching guidance. I can honestly say that when you told me my job search mode needed to change and become “Normandy Beach Time”, you were dead on. I changed my approach to do things differently as you had advised, and I began to get more leads, interviews, and opportunities. I am happy to report I have accepted a job offer as the CFO of an environmental company. Your coaching tips paid big time dividends! Thanks again!” – Christopher Ward, CFO

“Rich Gee is the most amazing and astute Business Coach I have ever worked with. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He has the ability to take any business or Executive to the next level. Working with him as my Business Coach has been life changing for my business! Client’s that I have referred to Rich, whether entrepreneurs or corporate executives, report that they have experienced breakthrough after breakthrough. Working with Rich has been the best investment I have ever made. He gets results. My weekly conversations with Rich help me keep my business in tip-top shape and keep me doing my best by staying ahead of the curve. His coaching centers around sales, negotiations, pricing, communication, marketing . . . the list could go on forever. Rich has helped me double (at least) my income over the past 4-5 years — I look forward to our sessions for years to come.” – Margo Meeker, Licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach

“Rich Gee was instrumental in helping us get through a potentially difficult transition period at our firm during employee turnover. Drawing upon his valuable experience, he acted as a trusted adviser to keep me focused on moving forward in the most positive and  manner possible. His optimism was truly contagious!”– Vincent A. Siefert, PE, President, Siefert Associates

“Rich has a unique blend of marketing and entrepreneurial business expertise. He shows up to each session with an endless stream of motivation and ideas. He helped us create a robust on-line presence that complements who we are. Now we are touching the world!” — John Mercede & Julianne Santini, Owners of Profound Life Wellness

I am a coach and have worked with Rich on several occasions. His approach has always been one of systematic thoroughness as he works with clients to take on new challenges. He is uniquely gifted in helping them recognize and deal with weaknesses, plan realistic goals and reach their full potential. I would recommend Rich to anyone who’s serious about growing personally and professionally.” – Ken Abrams, Master Coach & CEO

"Rich Gee!!!! He is enthusiastic and brings this power to your business. He has good business sense and can cut to the core of the issues. If you business needs a boost or some guidance to do "things" differently....he is the person you need." — Marissa Barbera, President, Charter Oak Insurance

“Rich partnered and pushed me to reach outside my comfort zone and reminded me that no problem is too arduous that it can’t be solved. He kept me moving forward, because at times when drifting became an issue, he pulled me back on track and nudged me along. If you’re looking for a coach, he’s your guy.” — Douglas Salamone

“As a small but hopefully meaningful gift to you, I want to take a moment to let you know how much I valued your input when we worked together during the fourth quarter of 2008.  You have a great approach for helping individuals rise above the daily challenges and frustrations – especially during a career transition, which is always fraught with a degree of fear, uncertainty and doubt – in order to focus on what’s important in order to move forward.  I especially liked the Plan/Act/Succeed tool which offers a great roadmap both for personal and professional achievement.” – Kate Mitchell Pallandre, CEO

"Rich, thank you for helping me with all the issues for starting my own business. You have been a great coach and mentor sending me along the right path towards success. Your organizational skills, ability to listen, quick thinking and perseverance have aided me tremendously. You are the best coach and I highly recommend you!!!" — Barbara Wilson, Principal, Barbara Wilson Landscape Architect, LLC

"Wow, if you need to jump start your career or life for that matter, Rich Gee will give you the tools to be able to create a new path. Rich Gee will guide you, motivate you and develope a fire within to achieve all that you dreamed of and more!" — Holly M. Giordano, William Pitt/Sotheby's

“Having never had a coach I unclear what to expect. Rich’s easy going personality and demeanor quickly put me at ease and started a dialogue leading me towards defining a clear career direction. Rich spent time understanding where he could best serve and focused in on how best to lead me towards that goal. I recommend Rich for anyone, not just those in search of new position. Going through a SWOT excersize is well worth the time and effort and will benfit anyone who has career or life choice questions.”– Sandy Stollerman, Global Engineering Architect

“It’s often said that we could all benefit from coaching.  Rich provided me with straight forward, no nonsense practical advice and strategies that I was able to implement quickly. His negotiating and management tips are now part of my tool kit to better manage my career and priorities.” – Anthony Tuccinardi, Vice President, VP Carrier Relations and Procurement, Hibernia

“Rich Gee has been instrumental in the growth and success of my company. He has a unique ability to inspire you and think outside the box to deal with challenging situations. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone.” – Ronen Schwartzman, Chief Investment Officer, Ten Capital Advisors

“Rich is not only a career coach, he’s a partner that really that truly wants to help you succeed. Every person he works with is an individual and Rich understands that there’s no one solution that “fits all”. He helps to create a workable, successful plan for his clients at a time in their lives when uncertainty and fear can prevent them from moving forward. If your current position is in jeopardy due to these economic times or you want to move and grow to the next level, call Rich.” – Marsha Elkind, Producer/Director, Ash Creek Productions

“Where does an “idea” guy turn when he runs out of ideas? He turns to Rich Gee. Rich has an innate ability to connect with people. This allows him to bring out the best in his clients. If you are a Fortune 500 executive looking to break down some performance barriers, Rich can help. If you are the owner of the corner store trying to find time to juggle your priorities, Rich is the man to see. If you are at a crossroads in your career, Rich should be your guide. The success of a business is measured in bottom line results and that’s how you should measure your progress with a coach. Rich will not only pass this test, he will help your earnings leap off the chart. I am proud to give Richard Gee my highest recommendation.” – David Lorenzo, Owner and Founder of Business Strategy Consulting Firm

“I have known Rich since 1992 and, in that time, have come to think of him as one of the most capable, intelligent, and interesting people I have had the pleasure to work with. His work ethic is strong, he is not afraid to offer new bold ideas, and always strives to be a strong team player. Moreover, he just makes work more enjoyable because of his optimistic outlook and sharp wit, even in times of stress or crisis. I would, without hesitation, recommend Rich as a tremendous asset to any organization.” – Steve Molino, Senior CRM Analyst at Hansa Marketing Services

“I had the opportunity to recently work with Rich when I lost my job of 13 years with IBM.  His coaching to get me over the shock of being outside the IBM bubble after so long and back into the job market was a lifesaver.  He helped redefine my schedule, stay focused on the right priorities and how to work through and leverage previous, personal and business contacts, something I am not usually comfortable doing.  The great news was I was able to use this to land a job with a local start-up and in that he provided invaluable insight on negotiating a salary. Rich, thank you so much.” – Peter Becker, CIO

“Rich has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he uses to empower his clients with the skills, resources and insights they need to find their way. Whether it’s finding a new job, making a career change or improving your work/business, Rich has what it takes to help anyone achieve their goals. He helped me move from being unhappy with a job to doing exactly what I want and creating my desired  work/life balance. One of his best attributes was his responsiveness to the changes within me: he adjusted as my vision became clearer and my confidence grew stronger. Thanks again Rich!” – Nicholas Olmo, Entrepreneur

“Working with Rich was the best decision I made for my business so far. Without Rich, I don’t think I would have learned how to close better with my potential clients, be motivated to really play a bigger game or be as confident that I can actually have a successful coaching business. If you are tired of not succeeding or feel stagnant in your business, I highly recommend Rich Gee. ” – ChaChanna Simpson, Owner,

“I have worked with Rich on a personal career level. He has amazing insight, is very professional and helped me me begin to be more creative in my thought processes. He listened with a keen ear and helped guide me to formulate the path I am now embarking upon. With his guidance and knowledge, I have been able to create a plan, work my plan and am seeing results as I go along. He is much more than a coach, he truly takes a personal interest in what I am doing, he is very encouraging and strives to keep me on my chosen path. As a career coach, his intuitive insight has proven to be leaps and bounds over any expectations I may have initially had when we began to work together. He is an expert in his field and anyone who even considering a step like this would be highly advised to seek Rich out. The results speak for themselves.” – Liz Cresci, UBS

“Rich has combined his coaching expertise with positive feedback, insight and practical information to help me identify the steps I need to take to reach my goals. Even better, I’m taking those steps because Rich keeps me accountable in a relaxed and positive manner.” – Lisa Corrado, Owner, Lisa Corrado Nutrition

“Rich asked the hard questions. He is the first coach I have met that assumed I knew how to be focused and organized. Rich got down to the roadblocks and the difficult issues – what a “no nonsense” executive coach. His personable style immediately put me at ease and we got so much accomplished. The best part is: weeks after our sessions, something he said will come back to me and I know I’m ready to act on it with the tools he gave me. One call did make a difference!” – Betty Jean Flagg, President, Nurenu Brand Marketing

“Rich is a true professional, in every aspect of the word. His unique ability to provide knowledge, passion, trust, and accountability in everything he does allows people to exude & radiate their true inner strength and well being. The power to attain what the heart desires may lay within, but I can’t think of a better road map to use to get you there.” – Brad Tippett, President, Gold Coast Mortgage

“Rich – You were exactly right! They were looking for a quick well thought out solution and my prepared proposal was able to deliver just that. Every time I thought I was in over my head, I reminded myself that I HAVE VALUE, I’ve done this before, I AM the answer to their prayers. I made a practice of offering positive statements and complimenting them on the work they had done so far. I didn’t have to force this, I simply had to listen, be aware, and BE the kind of person I would love to do business with. The only question they had on the proposal is “would you like a check right now?” The total amount agreed to is almost triple the top amount I have ever charged! While I now know I possessed the ingredients to make this happen all along, I could have accomplished NONE of this without YOUR help. I am on a such a high right now and I while I realize that I may go back out into the ring tommorrow and take a few more punches, I feel damn lucky that you are in my corner.” – Matt Baier, Owner, Matt Baier Organizing

“Rich Gee is a great coach and speaker. He is dynamic, funny, and in complete control of a room. He knows how to pump up the audience. I have seen him in front of undergraduate college students, evening MBA students and professionals. The results are always extremely positive.” – Henry Greene, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Central Connecticut State University

“Professional, courteous, on-target coaching. Rich Gee has it all! His depth of experience in the business world and expertise shows in every coaching session. One conversation with Rich Gee has changed my life forever. Not to mention the great quotes, books and other resources (and unique humor) he shares with unbridled enthusiasm.” – Sharon L. Aks, President, Simply Financials Plus

“With a sales force of 20 people we realized we were no longer a small company and had to improve our communication and professionalism. We turned to Rich Gee to run our sales meeting. In one day our sales force found a new vision. They shared ideas as never before and left believing that they could improve their income expectations. One of the secrets to success is believing in your product and your employer and we achieved that in our meeting.” – Norman Holtz, President, Closets By Design

“I started with Rich after having a disagreement with a difficult and controlling boss. Rich helped me to step out of the box of the accounting world and gave me the courage to step into another role in the company. I now work for a terrific boss where I have tremendous exposure to senior management and I have just been awarded additional responsibilities which should lead to a promotion to Vice President.” – Kathy Clark, Portfolio Management Analyst/Asset Manager

“Rich’s calm demeanor allows me to explore areas of my life that I had previously ignored. In world of greed and selfishness, Rich helps see the true meaning of work, family, and life. I would not be where I am today without his guidance, enthusiasm, and compassion.” – Ward Smith, Director, Black & Decker

“Rich is an amazing coach!! He’s extremely organized and thorough and is at the cutting edge of how to be successful in today’s business world. Rich is also a tremendous resource for networking/connecting and steers his clients to the people and organizations that will help grow their business and productivity. I am a coach and Rich was my coach . . . so I know first hand how valuable his coaching is. Everyone knows that the best doctor to go to is “the doctors’ doctor” and similarly, Rich is a wonderful coach because I consider him “the coaches’ coach.” I’d recommend Rich to anyone who wants to get to the next level in their field!” – Barbara Scala, Life Coach

“In each coaching session with Rich I came away with great ideas and strategies to expand and improve my business. His insight, examples, experience and humor will assist in reaching the results you seek.” – Sandy Weinberg, Attorney, Corporate Taxation