Rich Breaks The Mold Of The Typical Speaker.

He delivers clear ideas —  coupled with an engaging motivational style which delivers a set of actionable tools for your audience to start using immediately after the event.

A positive mindset is one of the most powerful motivators in life. It’s what drives us — without it’s motivation, we pretty much come to a career dead stop.

Organizations depend on their teams to consistently achieve and grow. Keeping everyone’s focus and motivation high is crucial.

Most speakers deliver the business equivalent of a cheerleader routine – looks good, sounds good, and is definitely showing support and faith in you, but nothing that actually enhances your ability.

Rich's job is to promote, inspire and empower your organization toward actionable GOALS.

When this happens, he can make a significant impact on productivity, sales, morale and your profit margin.

A Motivational Presenter . . .

We’ve seen companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on the ‘important’ personalities and then regret it all when they leave the stage and the crowd is asleep. People want to be motivated — Rich brings great ideas and proven concepts and communicates them in a way that makes the audience stand up and cheer.

A Customized Presentation . . .

Not a one-trick pony who delivers the same tired talk each time. You want someone who will plan with you prior to your event and craft the talk to YOUR needs.

An Enthusiastic Speaker Who Cares . . .

Most speakers arrive minutes before they go on, do their talk, then high-tail it out of the building. Rich arrives early, engage the troops as they arrive, and stay late to answer any questions.

Rich focuses on the message, the delivery, and he’s there to motivate and energize the troops. When the audience is entertained, they learn and absorb.

“Rich was a speaker at a meeting we had for the entire Northeast Region of Dell Professional Services. He was an informative and entertaining speaker. I highly recommend Rich if you are looking for an engaging speaker.” — Binu Wariyar, Dell

“Rich Gee is a great coach and speaker. He is dynamic, funny, and in complete control of a room. He knows how to pump up the audience. I have seen him in front of undergraduate college students, evening MBA students and professionals. The results are always extremely positive.” – Henry Greene, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Central Connecticut State University

“With a sales force of 20 people we realized we were no longer a small company and had to improve our communication and professionalism. We turned to Rich Gee to run our sales meeting. In one day our sales force found a new vision. They shared ideas as never before and left believing that they could improve their income expectations. One of the secrets to success is believing in your product and your employer and we achieved that in our meeting.” – Norman Holtz, President, Closets By Design

“My experience with Rich Gee has been outstanding. Rich has been my personal business coach, and he has worked with several of our key employees on a one-to-one basis. Each time, the positive return on investment was profound.  He has great energy which inspires and motivates those around him and helps build confidence and accountability. Rich is also providing management and leadership training for a team of our current and emerging leaders/managers. The results — our team is energized, confident, eager to perform and approach their job with renewed energy, enthusiasm and professionalism. Thank you Rich for being such a big part of our growing organization (7 locations).” — Craig Wood, President, Moore Physical Therapy