Don’t Have A Job? It’s YOUR Fault.

I’m not pulling any punches here.

Why? Because I think most […]

Top Psychological Tricks For The Office.

Sometimes you need an advantage at work.
Not only to […]

3 Clues You’re About To Be Fired.

Time to be Columbo at work.

The Management-Free Organization.

Try to imagine working for a company with no management. How do they resolve conflicts, set priorities, measure performance, fire laggards, and all the rest? I couldn't picture it working. What could management do?

How To Miss Work The Right Way When An Emergency Strikes.

As we batten down the hatches here on the east coast for Hurricane Sandy, I thought I would write a quick post on how to handle interruptions to your work schedule without it affecting your workflow and your relationship with your boss.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

I really didn’t mean that.

To be honest, to be successful, one needs certain things to happen:

You have to hustle. Move faster than your competition and get things done. Take action.
You have to be smart. Not only intelligence, but knowledge and street smarts.
You have to be lucky. Sometimes it comes from nowhere, but most of the time it presents itself from opportunities you developed.

But there are times when you need to be nimble, agile, and frankly, work smarter. How? Here goes: […]

Why The iPad Is Firing You From Your Job.

Don't be the middleman.

The Hartford — Thank YOU!

Ever have a perfect afternoon with incredible people?

How To Become Unfireable – Part Seven: Be A Billboard.

Grow from knowing a lot of people into a person a lot of people KNOW ABOUT.

How To Become Unfireable – Part Six: It’s Who You Know.

Most people don’t like to ‘network’. Well then . . . don’t. Connect.