What would you do if your website burnt down? Not literally, but if some catastrophic purge happened and you lost your entire website — all the copy, images, blog posts, testimonials — everything?

You’d have to start FRESH. From the beginning. It would be a lot of work — but you’d get it done. And guess what — it would be better. Fresher. Newer. And it would probably bring in more clients.

Sometimes our career or business tends to get clogged up like an old set of drain pipes. Early on, water flowed through them perfectly — but as time wore on, they got gummed up with tired old slogans, artwork, and promotions.

Why? Because we don’t see outside of our bubble.

  • “It’s good enough.”
  • “It says what I want it to say — even though I wrote it years ago.”
  • “That old business card still works — don’t change it.”
  • “Everyone loves my holiday cards — I send the same one every year.”
  • “I have the perfect sales close — it works every time!”

FACT: If you don’t change — you might go out of business or lose your job.

We have to tear down to rebuild. To start anew on a firmer foundation — to reach new customers and clients. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Spring/Summer is here and it’s time to clean house:

  • Maybe a new logo is in order. A new font, shape, graphic might add energy to catch people’s eyes.
  • New coloration for your branding/signage. The wrong color/shade can date your company so quickly.
  • A more responsive and attractive website that says less and does more. People don’t have time to read pages of copy. Less is more – get right to the point and tell them what they need to know.
  • Develop a new filing system for your desk. Make yourself more efficient and clear the decks.
  • Clean your systems. Clean/replace your laptop, phone, etc.
  • A new wardrobe, hairstyle, glasses, body. Stand back and be critical — maybe that hairstyle from the 80’s isn’t working anymore (I don’t have that issue).

Every company and executive needs to update their image. If you don’t, first impressions might turn potential clients and opportunities in the opposite direction. Yikes!