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A Startup Job Is The New Office Job.

"Startups are part of the system, not a rebellious wrench in the cogs."

Perfectionism — The Killer Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs.

"One of this biggest things that can kill a persons hopes and dreams is being a perfectionist. It’s that little voice in your head saying that you are not good enough… that the product is not good enough to ship, that the book is not good enough to finish, that you are not good enough for the promotion, and many more."

Top 8 Critical Articles You Should Be Reading TODAY.

Do yourself a favor - pick up all of these issues — they are chock full of POWERFUL ARTICLES.

Thinking Big vs. Thinking Small.

Find yourself thinking small? Too afraid to think big?

Your Presentations Stink! Part Two: Bar Charts.

How to make your presentations easy to build and easy to understand while you wow your audience.

Your Presentations Stink! Part One: Pie Charts.

How to make your presentations easy to build and easy to understand while you wow your audience.

Best Companies: John Neeman Tools.

In 2013, I will be highlighting many old and new companies who embrace 21st century progress and run their businesses differently from the old guard who are quickly dying off.

My first is John Neeman Tools. They are a small crew of craftsmen from Latvia who use their heritage of craftsmanship handed down through many generations to design and create woodworking tools. Their process, their method and mission, keeps these traditions and crafts alive and well. In this high-tech age, their traditional craftsmanship is flourishing.

John Neeman Tools is founded by Jacob – a carpenter with love for traditional woodworking and his friend – a village bladesmith. This bond has created a premier company. […]

Is Your Career Dying?

Let's talk about the slow drip-drip-drip as you watch your career die.Guess what? If you don't take action now, there's nothing you can really do about it.

Are You Good Enough For Shark Tank?

How the TV show "Shark Tank" teaches you how to act and perform when under pressure.

600 Articles . . . How Am I Doing?

Just hit 600 posts on my blog. I NEVER thought I would be here - when I first re-launched my site back in 2009, I decided to include a blog to let viewers, prospects, and clients know what's inside of Rich Gee's crazy mind.