2011: What Do You Want To Change?

Buckle Up — this is going to be a fun ride. Answer these three questions with fast, (1-2 word) specific responses . . . don't just write 'work', write 'client calls', or 'Penske Project'. Don't just write 'business', write 'BNI connecting' or 'new website', or 'product expansion'. I'm looking for you to blurt out items without a lot of introspection. I want your gut responses:

5 Tips On How To Treat New Employees.

Whew! After a phlanx of interviewees and resumes, late nights, early mornings and lost lunches, you've just hired that new team member. Now you can sit back and focus back on work. Not so fast. It's important as they're new boss to make this transition period in their life bump- and trouble-free. It will not only behoove you, but will also ensure that your new hire is happy, engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated.

Do You Have A Career “Plan B”?

You just missed the last recession, hopefully things are getting better. You're getting quite adept at dodging the executioner's axe — ducking at the last minute while watching fellow peers are summarily dismissed. Are you talented or just lucky? At my last corporate gig, I managed to have seven bosses in six years. Six LONG years.

Short Term Thinking.

What ever happened to Five Year Plans? Long Term Planning?

It’s probably the reason why our economy is in the state it is currently in.
It’s most likely why many companies fail to grow and just keep things the same.
It’s the reason why your team is always questioning your decisions.
It’s the reason why there is massive churn […]