How David Beats Goliath or When Underdogs Break The Rules.

Gladwell again uses history to reinforce his argument that with the proper planning and doing something different (something that your opposing team (i.e., competition) isn't expecting) even though you are the underdog — you will succeed.

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.

Most people don't realize the power of personal connection on the job.

The Best Kept Secret In Business.

You would be quite surprised how many of us are out there working in the background, helping our clients jump from one great opportunity to another, celebrate success after success, and have fun doing it. Oh — along the way making gobs of money.

To Succeed, Sometimes You Need To Change Your Game.

Now to your career. Sometimes when faced with an unmoveable obstacle, you need to change what you are doing. The more hard-headed you are - the bigger the obstacle will become. You need to try something new to either go around the obstacle or not deal with it at all.

Out of Work? Here’s How To Socially Network & Get That Job!

By Robert “Scobleizer” Scoble at Scobleizer.com.

Robert is the KING of Twitter, Facebook, All software, and social marketing in general. This article hits so many personal points I discuss with clients that I just had to post it. So let’s all lift our glasses – here’s to Robert!

I’m getting a LOT of chats from people who have been laid off. Most of the time I find that they just aren’t presenting a good face to me for me to help them find a new job.

If you are laid off, here’s what you need to do:

Your blog is your resume. You need one and it needs to have 100 posts on it about what you want to be known for.
Remove all friends from your facebook and twitter accounts that will embarrass you. We do look. If we see photos of people getting drunk with you that is a bad sign. Get rid of them. They will NOT help you get a job.
Demonstrate you are “clued in.” This means removing ANYTHING that says you are a “social media expert” from your Twitter account. There is no such thing and even if there were there’s no job in it for you. Chris Brogan already has that job and he’s not giving it up.
Demonstrate you have kids and hobbies, but they should be 1% of your public persona, not 99%. Look at my blog here. You’ll see my son’s photo on Flickr once in a while. But mostly I talk about the tech industry, cause that’s the job I want to have: talking to geeks and innovators.
Put what job you want into your blog’s header. Visit Joel Spolsky’s blog. He’s “on software.” That’s a major hint that if he were looking for a job that he is totally, 100%, thinking about software. If you want a job as a chef, you better have a blog that looks like you love cooking.

Leadership Blind Spot: Recognizing Your Team.

We all forget to do it. You focus on work, meetings, reports, etc. and ignore the most powerful leadership tool you have in our arsenal - recognition and acknowledgment. When you neglect it, your teams tend to wander and lose focus. When you regularly insert it into your leadership practices, you'll have the best performing and energized team money can buy.

Resume Writing Tips for CEOs.

Baby boomers who’ve enjoyed an uninterrupted string of successes, and have been laid off, are struggling to recapture the magic.

Great Leaders Empower Others.

The more you step out of your managerial comfort zone and empower others, you will get more accomplished, have more time for strategic projects and have an energized team that makes you look good. How can you lose?

Stay Alive: 10 Career Tips to Win in Bad Times.

I know - things are bad out there and you're worried about your position. Firings are capricious and no one knows where the axe is going to fall next. Based on many of my client sessions and 20+ years of management and coaching, here are 10 productive actions you can put into practice to solidify your position.

Get A Job Faster – A Simple Equation

Meet More People
VS  Meet Less People

Make More Contacts
VS  Make Less Contacts

Develop More Opportunities
VS  Develop Less Opportunities

Have More Luck
VS  Have Less Luck

Get A Job Faster
VS  Prolong The Job Search FOREVER