How To Become Unfireable – Part Seven: Be A Billboard.

Grow from knowing a lot of people into a person a lot of people KNOW ABOUT.

How To Become Unfireable – Part Six: It’s Who You Know.

Most people don’t like to ‘network’. Well then . . . don’t. Connect.

Control Your Time By Designing Your Schedule.

I thought my schedule was packed when I worked in corporate. Filling in my days with status meetings, presentations, sales calls, and updates all mixed together to produce a week chock full of weaving, diving, and running. Now that I've been running my company for the past ten years, I've found it even harder to keep my schedule clear and organized to ensure I get everything done AND allow myself the time to work on my business.

“What would you think if I sang out of tune?”

Yesterday was a powerful day for me. Thursday is my networking day and I met over 100 people starting at 6:00 AM all the way to 8:00 PM. A long day. But I was energized when I got home.

Serendipity With The Apple Store.

Something wonderful happened to me yesterday. Well, let me start from the beginning — I wanted to get the new iPad. Badly.

Why Networking Is Dead — Part One.

Look, everybody does it. It's the hard and fast rule of business — to succeed in the marketplace, you need to get out there and shake some hands. Motivate the masses. Network with the crowds. Well, I say that's wrong.

How To Connect With Key People.

I attended a NSA (National Speakers Association) meeting last night. I know . . . after a full day at work, I spent additional hours in a cramped, hot hotel room looking at slides. I wouldn't change it for the world.

5 Stages of Grief When Looking For A Job.

Here’s a fun list that I saw on Madatoms:

I’ve got plenty of money! I’ll start looking next week!

Craigslist and Monster sucks! I’ve got a college degree! Jobs should be looking for me!

I’ll just drive around looking for help wanted signs. I hear that Starbucks has health insurance!

Why did I major in Communications? I have no […]

Who’s Got Your Back?

Keith Ferrazzi's new book, "Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success - and Won't Let You Fail" flips the idea of a self-help book on its head.

Care and Feed Your Key Contacts.

Dipchand “Deep” Nishar, vice president of products at networking site LinkedIn Corp., doesn’t view online networking as something you do only when looking for a job.

By Jennifer Saranow at WSJ.

The 40-year-old spends about 15 minutes every morning reading his business contacts’ status updates and responding. To keep up his connections, he sends congratulatory notes to […]