One Simple Phrase That Will Change Your Life.

“If the the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it’s time to water your own grass.”

Stop trying to compare yourself to others if you always make yourself feel inferior.
Stop trying to yearn for a better job, if you don’t first try to make your current job better.
Stop making the same mistake […]

The Perfect Message On Time Management (from a Google Manager).

I was wondering around the web the other day and ran into this article/email on Medium (one of my favorite sites). I ran into a profound message from a Google manager who wrote a simple email to his staff on Time Management. (By Jeremiah Dillon, Head of Product Marketing, Google Apps for Work)

It was […]

How To Run A Meeting People Like To Attend.

Don't waste people's time.

10 Ways To Have Fun At Work.

Okay — it's the Monday after the Super Bowl and work is the last thing you feel interested in doing right now.

3 Tips To Take More Powerful Notes During Meetings.

The process of taking notes during meetings produces a number of pleasant side effects.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

I really didn’t mean that.

To be honest, to be successful, one needs certain things to happen:

You have to hustle. Move faster than your competition and get things done. Take action.
You have to be smart. Not only intelligence, but knowledge and street smarts.
You have to be lucky. Sometimes it comes from nowhere, but most of the time it presents itself from opportunities you developed.

But there are times when you need to be nimble, agile, and frankly, work smarter. How? Here goes: […]

Are You An Egomaniac?

Are you late all the time? What causes that? Are you a perfectionist. an idiot savant or an egomaniac? Let's find out.

3 Tips To Take Better Notes [Infographic]

Here are 3 tips you can use to take better notes. Here they are in all their glory (with a cool info-graphic too!)

How To Stop Working So Late – Part Two.

Simple tips to leave work ON TIME.

How To Always Make A Great First Impression.

Whenever you are on an interview or meeting a client for the first time or entering a conference room with another department — first impressions COUNT.