I Got A Little Gold Star On My Homework Today.

“The highest compliment you can pay a career coach is they change your life for the better with results beyond what you imagine. This is what Rich did for me through a way of coaching that showed the path, outlined requirements and gave me the tools to do it. I also know he can do […]

Change Your Life With A Cookie.

“You don’t become a failure until you’re satisfied with being one.”

A fortune cookie — I found this in a darn fortune cookie!

How serendipitous life is — when you least expect it — the universe opens a door to enlightenment.

So what does this mean? […]

Two People To Keep Your Eye On At Work.

I’ve always said, keep your eyes on people who live at the ends of any spectrum.

In politics, be wary of the extreme conservative or liberal.
In sports, be wary of the player who swings for the fences or the one who waits to be walked.
In school, stand back and watch the student who maxes out on their course load and the one who takes the bare minimum.

In business, don’t follow people who continuously upset the apple cart or people who never want to change anything. […]

Is Your Career Going Up? Or Down?

This week was chock full of incredible conversations with clients, colleagues, partners and prospects! All had wonderful ideas and goals. Kudos! One of the topics that I discussed with many of them was my theory that our world is changing.

3 Tips When Everything Is Failing All Around You.

Are many of our cherished institutions failing and falling by the wayside? What saplings are beginning to grow out from under the devastation?

Hate Your Job? Here’s How To Love It.

How much love is there in your life? You probably love your parents, your spouse/partner, your kids . . . but what else do you love? Do you love any of your friends? Colleagues? Nature? A beautiful day? A good book? How about work? Do you love it? Hate it? If work was a long spectrum from Totally Love to Uncomfortably Despise, where would you fall on that line?

How To Reward Your People.

Fact: We don't regularly acknowledge the people who make our career machine run. Everyone who works so hard to make us look good to our clients and management. So here's a little tool to help you remember. It's called R E W A R D S.

How To Make Work Bearable & Fun.

You hate your job. You hate going to work. You hate your boss. You hate the people you work with. You hate your cubicle. Or it's not good or bad — just boring. You watch the clock and pray for 5 PM to roll around.

The Secret To Become Truly Happy.

Are you fulfilling your destiny? You have it inside you — you know it and I know it — you just have to make a personal decision to bring it out. What are your desires? Your TRUE desires. Not "I want an iPad" or "I want a promotion". What do you REALLY want to do with your life?

Do One Thing Different Today.

I love my Monday posts. I try to come up with some type of energizing idea that will jolt my readers out of their chairs (or beds). I look at Mondays (especially the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday) as a time to refresh, reinvigorate, and renew. Okay, you might have a bit of a hangover, or you ate too many jalapino hot pockets, but you and I know Mondays are crucial to kick off a great week.