You’ve been asked to plan the next big company event.

The pressure is on. But where do you begin?

Spend hours searching the web? Scan hundreds of sites? Watch dozens of fuzzy videos that look like they’ve been filmed by your first-grade nephew? And who knows if any of these candidates can do what they say they can do . . .

Or, you’re a veteran planner. You know what you’re doing. You’ve booked dozens of speakers, some excellent, some good, some, well . . . not so good. You need excellent. And you need some fresh ideas. Oh, and they better not be high maintenance.

You need Rich Gee. Why? You need:


Not a speaker who is an incredible mind and a really bad communicator. I’ve seen companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on the ‘important’ personalities and then regret it all when they leave the stage and the crowd is asleep.

Of course their name gets people in the door, but after a lackluster performance, they will never come back. Rich brings great ideas and concepts (proved in business) and communicates them in a way that makes the audience stand up and cheer.

A Personalized Keynote.

Not a speaker that is a one-trick pony and does the same tired talk each time. Or a keynote speaker who says that they will personalize their talk to you and then just add a smattering of inferences to your company/location/vocation into their stump speech.

You want someone who will plan with you prior to your event to truly understand what needs to be communicated. I then craft my talk to YOUR standards and wants. And then I review the basic elements to ensure that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

A Dedicated Keynote Speaker.

A large percentage of speakers come to sell. Their CD’s, books, jewelry . . . whatever. Rich comes to speak. That’s it. No books, no CD’s, no DVD sets, no Sham-Wow’s. Just Rich.

I focus on the message, the delivery, and I am there to motivate and energize the troops. When the audience is entertained, they learn and absorb. If I then throw in that I am selling CD’s in the back, the whole house of cards tumble down.

A Keynote Speaker Who Cares.

Most keynote speakers arrive a few minutes before they go on (if they are on time at all), do their talk, then high-tail it out of their like they are avoiding the plague. The ones who stay are usually feigning interest and constantly checking their watch to leave.

I arrive early to ensure that all is set up correctly (there are NO surprises) and I stay late to meet with the team/audience to go deeper into the topic covered. I will even stay for lunch to talk more with your group.

At the end of the day, I deliver exactly what you want. Contact my office to schedule a brief call to discuss your needs – 203.500.2421.

Here’s a cross-section of my most-requested programs:

Work Smarter, Not Harder – The REAL 40-hour workweek.

You probably see many of your coworkers constantly complain that they are overworked – working late hours, through lunch, etc. I will show you ways to first understand why people do that and why it gets them NOWHERE.

  • The Big Three – Streamline/Delegate/Retire.
  • Reconfigure Your Workday to deliver hours to your day.
  • Under-promise, Over-deliver and be honest about time.

Power Dynamics — Physical & Verbal Dominance.

WOW – powerful title – and every executive and business-owner needs to take this workshop. You’ll learn how to present yourself with confidence and take charge in situations with an assertive focus. FACT – this topic is not presented in MBA school and you can’t learn it ‘on-the-job’.

  • Use your posture and mannerisms to portray yourself as a successful, up-and-coming executive or business-owner.
  • Use assertive language to get what you want — even with people who have aggressive personalities.
  • Body language affects how others see us — but it also impact how we see ourselves.
  • Expertly handle difficult questions and situations.

Leadership 2.0 – Make It More Effective.

As a leader or manager, your success is measured not simply by your individual contribution, but how well you get the work done with and through others. In this presentation, I discuss those changes leaders must make to be effective in today’s business climate.

  • Improve communication to effectively set expectations for your direct reports.
  • Apply delegation strategies to increase motivation and productivity.
  • Use effective coaching techniques to maximize your teams performance.

Breakthrough Business Behaviors — Outstanding Performance Simplified.

Built for groups of 100+ executives, simple techniques to help your entire team (or company) elicit outstanding performance. Answering such critical questions as:

  • Do you wish you could apply creative thinking at work to try things that have never been done before?
  • Do you doubt your own capacity for creativity and innovation?
  • Do you have trouble getting creative thinking and solutions from your team?

Walk The Talk – Model The Behavior You Want To See In Others.

If you work in an organization, you’ve heard this complaint repeatedly. Leaders and managers say they want change and continuous improvement but their actions do not match their words. Targeting a number of basic strategies, you can enable organization change and impact the values, culture, and environment in a positive manner.

  • Model the behavior you want to see from others.
  • Hold strategic conversations to communicate clearly.
  • Leverage communication tools effectively.

Action Plan Your Career — Steps To Make It As Easy As 1-2-3.

I can stand up and give you all the best tools, techniques, and secrets to make you more knowledgeable – but that won’t ensure success. By the end of this workshop, we will have worked together to compose a personalized action plan with YOUR goals and attainable activities to ensure that IT CAN BE DONE.

  • Learn how to attack the low-hanging fruit first.
  • Segment your activities into attainable, small steps.
  • Track your progress and course-correct frequently.

Market Yourself To Success – Toot your own horn without blowing it.

With friends, colleagues – everyone you meet. Understand how to leverage basic interpersonal behaviors and tricks to get you noticed and appreciated.

  • Learn how to network effectively and connect.
  • Meet new, exciting, and influential people.
  • Master assertive communication styles that allow you to go from being invisible to making key contacts that will deliver success.