Ideas + Motivation + Action = PROFIT.

Motivation is one of the most important values we produce in life. It’s what drives us — without motivation, we pretty much come to a mental dead stop.

Organizations depend on their teams to consistently achieve and grow. Keeping everyone’s focus and motivation high is crucial. 

These organizations annually spend millions of dollars to improve leadership, increase teamwork and empower everyone to contribute their maximum potential. 

Here’s The Problem

I attend many events with speakers billed as being ‘inspirational’ or ’motivational’. These speakers talk about how they succeeded in the face of life’s challenges, and how you too can succeed in life. “Yes, you! You can do it! Really!” And you go away thinking – “Yes, I can! Go me!” And then you realize . . . “Err, how, exactly?”

Most speakers deliver the business equivalent of a cheerleader routine – looks good, sounds good, and is definitely showing support and faith in you, but nothing that actually enhances your ability.

Rich Is Different

That’s where Rich breaks the mold of the typical speaker. He delivers clear ideas, coupled with an engaging motivational style which delivers a set of actionable tools for your audience to start using immediately after the event.

Rich’s job is to promote, inspire, empower and guide attendees toward actionable GOALS. When this happens, Rich can make significant impacts on productivity, sales, morale and the end profits of a company.

Consistently featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Today Show, Rich is a syndicated columnist for Hearst Publications, seen every week with his career advice column, “Ask Rich Gee”.

Show Me The Money

Let’s start with an event with 100 account executives.

Via a response card we learn (and I distribute, collect, and review them frequently), 10% of the audience attributes a conservative average of a 5% increase in sales based on what the speaker presented (these are the most positive responders). 

The average annual sales of this top 10% before the speaker is $1M. 10 AE’s multiplied by $50K incremental sales = $500K incremental annual sales. 

Bottom line . . . your speaker has paid for their service exponentially.

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