As a high-performance coach, my job is to deliver a SPARK within you
to move forward, think big, and conquer your fears. WE WILL:

  • REVIEW your situation.
    (the what, who, where, when, why & how)

  • DEVELOP goals specific to your situation.

  • UNCOVER troublesome roadblocks.
    (External and Internal)

  • FOCUS and lock in a strategic direction.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You get a professional coaching session with Rich.

My Guarantee:

We GUARANTEE two things will happen during your COACHING SPARK SESSION with Rich:

  1. You’ll be coached by a knowledgable professional who knows your situation.

  2. You’ll walk away with a number of significant breakthroughs and insights.

The Best Part:

Investment: $99. And you get one hour of my time.
I’ve been doing this for 15 years and everyone has walked away with at least 1-2 breakthroughs.

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