You want solid advice.

Great business owners and executives have always used others to discuss their ideas and strategies. Unfortunately, you really can’t trust most people today. This isn’t paranoia — it’s a fact.

They will always bring their agenda to the discussion – a position where they will probably benefit from the decision, not you. Even if it isn’t malicious, it will have an angle — probably not in your BEST interest.

No agenda. No games.

You need someone who has no agenda, who has your best interests at heart and the experience to help you analyze all the alternatives and ramifications.

That’s where Rich comes in – you get an accomplished advisor who has worked with many companies and understands the complexities of your position.

You need a partner to grow.

Coaching high-powered clients requires something special, something extra. Executive coaches must be more than instructors, they must become partners whose emotional investment in business outcomes equals that of their clients.

They must have the strength and courage to face key people in a time of crisis and speak the unvarnished truth. They have to be a force to reckoned with. They have to have backbone and heart. Rich Gee does.


Our targeted and personalized solutions:

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