Play With The Big Boys & Girls.

We’ve got a big snowstorm here in Oxford, Connecticut. Thankfully, I work from my home office on Fridays — so I really don’t have to go anywhere — I just meander down to my first-floor home office and talk to my clients.

We only get better when we play tennis with better tennis players. One way is […]

How To Handle A Skeptical Client.

Second in my series of Mad Men management videos - this lesson is critical on how to handle a recalcitrant client.

Your Presentations Stink! Part One: Pie Charts.

How to make your presentations easy to build and easy to understand while you wow your audience.

Top Posts for April 2012.

My most-read posts for April - come see!

It’s Friday The 13th – The Most Popular Posts.

Today I just hit 400 posts on my site. It's especially momentous when it happens on Friday the 13th. (Oh my!) Here are some of my most popular posts over the past three years:

5 Steps To Motivate Your Team.

In How To Motivate People, Fran Tarkenton, professional quarterback for the NFL and TV personality, offers a focused motivation system — "People don't change their behavior unless it makes a difference to them to do so."