How To Network Like A Pro.

You need to do it right or not at all.

Stop Hitting Your Career ‘Snooze Bar’.

Do you need a 'Wake-Up Call' to your career?

Good Service vs. Bad Service – A Parable.

Once upon a time there was a coach. He woke up every morning at 4:30 AM and worked until 5 PM.

Some days he worked at his office in Stamford — some days he worked at his home office.

Some days he coached all day long with wonderful clients — some days he was on the road connecting with […]

The Real Amazon — Everything You Want To Know About Jeff Bezos.

Bloomberg had a great article a few weeks ago and I just finished it – check it out!

Image provided by Craig Garner at Unsplash.

3 Clues You’re About To Be Fired.

Time to be Columbo at work.

Your Presentations Stink! Part One: Pie Charts.

How to make your presentations easy to build and easy to understand while you wow your audience.

600 Articles . . . How Am I Doing?

Just hit 600 posts on my blog. I NEVER thought I would be here - when I first re-launched my site back in 2009, I decided to include a blog to let viewers, prospects, and clients know what's inside of Rich Gee's crazy mind.

How To Miss Work The Right Way When An Emergency Strikes.

As we batten down the hatches here on the east coast for Hurricane Sandy, I thought I would write a quick post on how to handle interruptions to your work schedule without it affecting your workflow and your relationship with your boss.

How The Boomers Screwed Up OR We Can All Do Better.

I've been struggling with this generational paradox for the past 5-10 years and have asked a ton of people what they think about it. This theory comes closest to what I feel happened, is happening, and probably will happen.

The Power of Connecting With People.

Ever want to meet someone famous?