Work isn’t fun when there’s something wrong.

You feel like your life and career is frozen in time. When Rich works with you he asks three simple questions:

1. Do you want to stay at your current company and make no changes?

2. Do you want to stay at your current company and dramatically change the dynamic?

3. Do you want to leave your company for another opportunity?

It’s that simple. Once we define one of those three directions, we have an action plan to move forward. Hint: No one picks #1.

If you want to stay and change the dynamic in some way, Rich can help you modify your behaviors to get a different and more successful outcome.

If you want to leave, Rich will not only change HOW you search for a new position in this economy, but how to motivate yourself when you hit the frustrating ‘dips’ in your search. You will:

  • Understand the critical factors that are impacting your job search right now.
  • Access and employ bullet-proofing strategies against the economy.
  • Ramp up every aspect of your marketing with techniques that will reshape the landscape of your search.

Only for clients who want to find that next position within 2-3 months.
Rich is going to work you hard and fast so you get the position you love.