Direction and focus.

Great people have two things in common — stated goals and the vision to get to those goals. Many people today don’t even have a simple plan in place to help them grow. They’re flying by the seat of their pants. And then they wonder why things go awry when the market changes.

Rich helps people develop a stated direction and focus to ensure if there are any road bumps, it’s easy to navigate around them. He does this by working with you and looking at three distinct, yet related areas:

1. Financials.

Rich first works with you to clearly understand how your business makes money. It sounds too simple — but we have to start with the basics. How many customers/clients, how much you charge, what products/services you offer, when are the hot/cold times of the year, etc.

He then asks one simple question — how much money do you want to make this year? With some simple math — you quickly understand if your dream is attainable.

2. Marketing and Sales.

How are you selecting, acquiring, retaining and extending your customers/clients? What mediums are working — which ones no longer are? How do you package your products/services, what are the costs and margins? Where are the inefficiencies?

We then construct an actionable marketing plan which will allow you to make quick decisions on marketplace changes. If you don’t know how to sell — Rich will work with you to help you sell smarter.

3. Management.

Who helps you run your business? What’s working — what isn’t? Who are the golden stars and who are the stinkers? Who comes to work with enthusiasm and who saps your energy? How do you effectively communicate to your team, your partners, and vendors?

Many problems usually stem from communication issues and the fear to act on those issues. Rich works with you to develop a healthy communication structure which encourages good behavior and punishes bad habits.

Rich works with you based on where your business is.

We’ve developed TWO distinct tracks to target exactly where your business is and where it needs to go:


This track is specifically for those businesses grossing under $100K each year.


Grossing over $100K each year? This is the track for you.

It all happens in our one-on-one coaching session . . .

You need someone to get you focused – someone to push you and get you to step out of your comfort zone.

The Rich Gee Group personally coaches around a basic structure: Personalize – Push – Partner – Plan 

Rich learns more about you — how you work, how you play, and what’s missing. He then personalizes every coaching session to fit YOUR needs. No cookie cutter approach, no assessments — we focus on YOU.

We sometimes procrastinate when things get hard or complex. Rich is there to help push you when you need a nudge to move forward.

Rich is there when you have a bad day (or a good day!). He’s there to help you with obstacles, with brainstorming new ideas or directions, and to help you with the blind spots that you might not see.

The most important part — Rich helps you develop a plan — not a 100 page plan — a ONE page plan that is comprehensive AND actionable. A plan that is easy to understand and change if the situation calls for it. Most of all — Rich helps you take ACTION.

We believe to attain an extraordinary life — a life on your terms, one filled with unbridled joy, ultimate success and lasting fulfillment — it’s imperative you make progress in the areas of life that are most important to you. The Rich Gee Group has uncovered and refined a unique system for anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.

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