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The 3 Secrets All Leaders Know.

After 20+ years in corporate management positions and coaching high-performing executives, I’ve seen it all.

Bad leaders who can’t make up their mind, who vacillate quarterly based on wind direction and managers who manage by fear, non-information, and deception. They flail constantly fearful of the future, frustrated and angry with their situation, and are secretly guilty […]

Structure Your Thinking To Deliver Results.

Too often, people tend to solve problems by taking two divergent directions:

They think of an idea — and zip off in that direction with no real assessment or planning. Measure once, cut twice.
They over-analyze their problem to death without taking action. Analysis-Paralysis.

The hardest part of any initiative or project is usually getting everyone […]

High-Potential Relationships Are The Real Currency Of Business.

It’s not only what you know. It’s who you know. And more importantly, who knows you.

Too often, when I first start coaching high-performing executives, they wonder why they are not moving up as fast as their colleagues.

They observe key influencers in their organization, but they don’t reach out and engage them. They might even be in […]

How Is Your Self-Esteem? It’s Critical.

If one were to ask what single characteristic that makes you attractive to others, it would be self-esteem.

Self-esteem, as defined by Nathaniel Branden in “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem,” is the reputation one has with him or herself. The criteria which we unconsciously judge ourselves and which makeup our self-esteem is two fold:

The first is self efficacy, […]

New Two Heads Podcast: Why Mobile Matters.

The newest episode of Two Heads podcast, “Why Mobile Matters,” has just launched on iTunes. Listen today!

Marketing your site for laptops while your customers use their smartphones? Time to change your strategy. We can help.

About Two Heads

Rich has teamed up with BJ Flagg, president and Founder of Nurenu, Inc. to bring you a weekly podcast, “Two Heads: […]

Two Heads Podcast: Episode 18 – Kick It Back Old School: Collateral With A Twist

The newest episode of Two Heads podcast, “Kick It Back Old School: Collateral With A Twist,” has just launched on iTunes. Listen today!


About Two Heads

Rich has teamed up with BJ Flagg, president and Founder of Nurenu, Inc. to bring you a weekly podcast, “Two Heads: Brand Marketing & Strategic Coaching for Today’s Marketplace.”

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Six Secrets My Clients Know For 2018.

The new year is a time of inspiration and new beginnings. Here are some proven methods to make 2018 your best year ever — these are the tenets I share with my clients to help them knock it out of the park every month.

1. Decide to be successful.
That’s the first step — most people are afraid of […]

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Motivation.

This time of the year, most businesses tend to power down a bit (not all mind you) and it give us time to plan for 2018. Unfortunately, many of us also power down and procrastinate until we’re in the middle of January. Our motivation for growth dissipates.

Instead of cooling down, I want you to heat […]

You Can Be The Best You Can Be.

I came up with a simple and powerful tool the other day. I was standing in my office in front of a large Post-It notepad sheet with a red sharpie in my hand (red delivers intention!) — and the ideas just flowed. What did I come up with to help you be the best?

To be […]

Podcast: The Art of Positivity.

Running your own business is hard and fraught with daily disappointments — successful businesspeople always have a way of looking on the bright side.

Learn a few tips and techniques to keep your momentum going when things look bleak.

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