Do Whatever It Takes.

If you read Stop Playing In The Kiddie Pool the other day, you got a harsh introduction into running your business. You need to be SERIOUS, COMMITTED, & FEARLESS in yourself and your business. This is a ‘Part Two’ to that article.

When people run a race or push themselves when they exercise, they tend to hit a physical and mental […]

Get Over Your Fear Of Pricing.

Whether you’re established in business or just getting started, you want your pricing to position you as a leader – not as a follower.Let me explain — you don’t have to be the most expensive, but you can’t be the cheapest and you surely can’t be a bargain! Clients and decision makers really do respect and value […]

Stop Playing In The Kiddie Pool.

How serious are you about your business? 

What are you willing to do to make it to the next level? 

How would you like to add another $100k a month to your business? It’s not impossible — many people do it.

But they have to be SERIOUS, COMMITTED, & FEARLESS in themselves and their business.

You need to be SERIOUS […]

Top 5 Ways Business Owners Underperform.

All business owners underperform to one degree or another.

The question — Is your underperformance is affecting your business success to a great or minimal degree?

Are your ‘bad’ behaviors making you miss out on a few percentage points per year or 10-20-40% per year?

Or in another way — a few hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars?

When I start with […]

If 2017 Was The Best Year Of Your Life, What Would Have To Happen?

Take a moment and imagine it’s December 31, 2017. You’re sitting back in your comfy leather chair, reading your favorite book, by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate. MMMMM.

Looking back over the past 365 days — you realize you had a great year. An amazing, incredible, unbelievable year.

Step One — What would make it an amazing year professionally? A […]

Six Secrets My Clients Know For 2017.

The new year is a time of inspiration and new beginnings. Here are some proven methods to make 2017 your best year ever — these are the tenets I share with my clients to help them knock it out of the park every month.

1. Decide to be successful.
That’s the first step — most people are afraid of […]

My Gift To YOU.

During this holiday season, I want you to spend some time and relax. Don’t think about work, politics, the economy . . . anything. What do I want you to do? Those things that make life special — spend time with friends and family, read a good book, watch a fun video, catch that movie you’ve […]

How To Get Out Of A Rut And Get Set For 2017.

2016 — Banner year or Bummer year?

Not doing what you really want to be doing? Not getting the ‘right’ type of clients? Does your boss drive you up the wall?

Sometimes we get in a rut. Sometimes it’s a cavern. Here are some tips to help you get out of that rut and set the stage for an […]

Treading Water Is The Same As Drowning.

Many people today feel they are just ‘one bad decision away’ from losing their job or business.

So instead of making decisions, they make NO decision. Or if they have to make a decision, they take the least offensive, least impactful, least expensive, and most spineless way out. Most of the time, that’s the wrong thing to do.

What […]

My Best Practice to Get 100x Results.

A lot of people ask me — “Rich, how can you be so happy all the time?” “How do you get on your coaching calls at 6 AM with vigor?” “How do you do it?”

I have a secret. And it’s time I let you in on it.

No — it’s not medication.

It’s a book. A book that I […]